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KCP - The KARDS Contributor Program

KARDS Contributor Program

Latest update: May 11, 2020


The KARDS Contributor Program (KCP) enables enthusiasts to share their passion for KARDS and, supported by 1939 Games, to create fun and engagements that have an impact on the community and beyond.

While community contributions are welcome in any shape or form, having a (more or less) formal framework usually benefits both the contributors and the community: The community benefits from content that is easy to find and to follow, and from standardized service; contributors can take advantage of resources, promotions, a wide range of support, and in some circumstances also pursue business opportunities. 

Structure of the KCP 

The KARDS Contributor Program (KCP) is structured in two tiers and several categories. Each category has its specific demand, support, perks and benefits. 


Currently, we have the following categories in the KCP:

  • Live broadcasts (e.g. streaming KARDS on Twitch)
  • Recorded content (e.g. static videos on YouTube)
  • Blogs and fansites
  • Live service (e.g. Tournament organization)
  • Contributor support


To avoid a possible misconception: we don’t have a category lock-in. Everyone is welcome to do everything at any time! These categories are just a means to provide better support and to provide faster access to relevant information (e.g. bloggers might be less interested to find a Twitch overlay, but for streamers on Twitch this is highly relevant). 

The two tiers differentiate between the designated target: Tier 1 contributions are aimed at the general public and directly at KARDS players, Tier 2 contributions are aimed at the members of the contributor program itself.

Benefits and Perks

One of the biggest benefits upon joining the KCP is gaining access to a dedicated and well-supported community of mind-like enthusiasts.


Whether you are at the beginning of your contributor career, or if you are already a veteran, the KCP community and the support from 1939 Games are invaluable. You can rely on assistance in any case, for example, if you want to get up to speed fast or if need to solve some unique challenge that requires extra care. 

There are, of course, also practical and hands-on benefits.

  • Do you need codes for card pack giveaways?
  • Do you want some artwork or a media pack to polish your posts?
  • Maybe a boost of your streams and videos?
  • Do you want to receive suggestions and tips for growing your audience? 
  • Would you like to have an "Official Contributor" stamp on your content?


The KCP community and 1939 Games are here for you! 

We encourage contributors to grow together with KARDS, and if so desired, also assist on the path to a professional career.



While there are only a few rules to follow (after all, we want this to be fun and exciting), those few rules are important. After all, contributors enjoy official approval (and often promotion) from 1939 Games.

Have a look at the KCP Contributor License.



There are only few requirements to become and stay a KCP member (and as such an official KARDS Contributor):

  • Upon applying, have some content ready
  • Your content needs to be related to KARDS and of value  
  • As KCP member, we expect you to be active within reason
  • We require you to be respectful as you will be one of faces of KARDS


These few requirements are on purpose vague and not enforced with strict numbers and a list of behavioral patterns as we want to foster a friendly and creative environment and not be a rule-laden camp. 


Joining the KCP

Joining the KCP is easy! We welcome everyone to join the KARDS Contributor Program. There are only a few requirements as listed above.

To ensure the continued high quality of community contributions, the integrity of the program, and to avoid misunderstandings or frustration, we reserve the right to decline applications.

Apply to join the KARDS Contributor Program






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