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Battlefield elements: The Support Line

The Support line is a major battlefield element in KARDS. The Support line is usually the starting point for all units and is always populated with a Headquarter.


How it works

Each player is in control of their own Support line (contrary to the Frontline). The Support line always holds your Headquarter (HQ) and up to four additional units.

When the Support line isn't full already with four units plus HQ, you can move units from your hand into your Support line.

When the enemy doesn't control the Frontline, you can move your units from the Support Line into the Frontline.


How to attack units in the Support line

Units in the Support line can be attacked by all units in the Frontline. Units in the enemy Support line can attack your Support line units only if they are long-range units such as Artillery, Bombers, or Fighters.

Orders can damage units in the Support line. 


Moving to and from the Support line

Usually, you move units from your hand to the Support by dragging a unit card from your hand onto the battlefield. 

If you cannot pay the cost of deployment or if the Support line is already full, you will get an error message. 

Moving units from the Support line into the Frontline is done by dragging units from your Support line to the Frontline. 

Units in the Frontline can generally not move back into the Support line. However, certain cards can Retreat units back into the Support line.

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