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Battlefield elements: The Frontline

The Frontline is a major battlefield element in KARDS. The Frontline divides the two opposing players and lies between them on the battlefield.

How it works

The Frontline can be controlled only by one side at a time and can hold up to five units.

Units located in the Frontline are able to attack units in the enemy Support line, including the enemy Headquarter. Units in the Frontline are exposed to direct attack from units in the enemy Support line.


Moving to and from the Frontline

When your enemy doesn't control the Frontline and when it isn't already full with five units, you can move your own units into the Frontline: Click on the unit in your Support line and drag it into the Frontline. 

Units in the Frontline normally cannot move back into the Support line. The only exception via Retreat.

How to capture the Frontline

You take control of the Frontline by exclusively occupying the Frontline with at least one of your units. If enemy units are present in the Frontline, you first need to destroy those units before you can move your units to the Frontline.

If no one controls the Frontline, then it is in its neutral state and lies in the middle of the board. At this state, everyone can move units to the Frontline.

If one side takes control of the Frontline, the Frontline indicator moves towards the enemy Support line.

Why the Frontline matters

Ground units (Infantry and tanks) are able to attack units in the enemy Support line (including the HQ) only if the are located in the frontline.

It is impossible for ground units to attack the enemy support line while they are in your own support line.


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