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Policy on surrender and surrender abuse

Policy on surrender and surrender abuse

This article gives you guidance on the in-game surrender mechanic and how to avoid abusing it. 


Surrendering a battle

You can end a battle before your HQ is getting destroyed by using the "surrender" mechanic. Surrendering is part of the gameplay and helps avoid dragging out games that are lost beyond hope. It also enables you to end a game if circumstances require it (for example, some real-life urgency). 

KARDS also has a built-in auto/surrender mechanic that automatically ends the game when no activity is detected for a certain period. This is to prevent unnervingly long battles, for example, when the connection was lost or when someone forgot to close the match when attending to other, urgent tasks.



We do allow to surrender matches, including auto-surrender, due to inactivity. However, repeated auto-surrendering is something we do not approve or encourage: 

  • We do allow players to occasionally use the (auto-)surrender mechanic even if no other match activity occurs.
  • We do not allow players to repeatedly and systematically use the surrender mechanic to continuously start and surrender battles without any actual activity. Occasional forgetting that there was a match and then auto-surrender kicking in is ok, of course. Repeat use of this mechanic is harassment and not allowed.

We do not allow the mass use of surrender simply because it results in a bad experience for the opponent and creates a very unpleasant situation for everyone. Even winning isn't fun against such a player. 


Before accusing someone of abusing the surrender mechanic, it is essential to understand that players can encounter situations where they leave the game unattended. It is also essential to understand that different players have different play styles or different levels of experience: Surrendering is sometimes the most logical choice and perfectly fine.



If we notice systematic surrender abuse, we do the following:

  • The first occurrence results in a warning as long as the infraction was minor.
  • In case of major infractions, we issue a game ban without a prior warning. This ban usually lasts between 3 and 7 days depending on the severity.
  • Continued infractions will result in longer and/or permanent game bans.


If you want to report a player for inappropriate behavior, please do so via KARDS support.


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