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Policy on timer use (roping)

Policy on timer use (roping)

This article gives you guidance on the in-game timer and how to avoid abusing it. 

Roping definition

Purposely using the timer to its maximum in every turn beyond the need to complete all match actions (e.g., to do psychological warfare against your opponent) is possible in KARDS and is commonly called roping


We do allow occasional roping; repeated roping is something we do not approve or encourage: 

  • We do allow players to occasionally use the timer to its full potential, even during every turn in a match (so-called "roping"). 
  • We do not allow players to repeatedly use this tactic against the same player or regularly in their matches. Occasional roping  is ok, repeat use of this tactic is harassment and not allowed.


Before accusing someone of roping, it is essential to understand that different players need different amounts of time to complete a turn. It is also important to understand that different players have different play styles or different levels of experience: Not everyone who needs the full time on each turn is roping! 


If a player is reported for roping, we do the following:

  • Investigate the report and verify whether the player has violated the roping policy
  • The first confirmed violation results in an official warning to the player
  • Following confirmed violations can result in increasingly longer bans up to a permanent game ban


If you want to report a player for inappropriate behavior, please do so via KARDS support.


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