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Error: An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-kards

Error diagnosis

What is the error? KARDS crashes on startup.
Is there an error message?

Unreal Engine returns with the Error message: 
Unhandled exception



When does the error occur? The error occurs when you try starting KARDS.

Error reason

This problem is a result of a corrupt save file.

How to fix this error

To fix this issue, you can delete your save game folder. When you start KARDS this way, the folder will be restored with the default values and fix any bugs there.

How to delete the KARDS save game folder:

  1. Go to %userprofile%\AppData\Local\kards\Saved\
  2. Either you enter this path directly in your windows search bar, or you navigate manually to this folder
  3. At that location, delete the folder SaveGames


The SaveGames folder might be marked as "Hidden". In order to have this folder show up in the file explorer, please make sure that you have the checkbox "Hidden Items" marked in the File Explorer menu "View".

This resets your graphics and language settings and will fix the crash issue if the cause was a corrupted save file.

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    das Programm stürzt immer ab