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Purchase the Legions: Uprising bundle with Gold

You can purchase the full set of cards of our newly released Legions: Uprise bundle with in-game Gold. Earn gold from the national progression, daily missions, winning pvp and draft matches.


How to purchase the Uprising: Legions bundle with Gold

On the main UI screen, click the Shop Icon.


Then, on the Shop screen:

(1) If you see the Legions: Uprising bundle already in the display, click on it.

(2) + (3) If you don't see the Legions: Uprising bundle in the most popular section, click on the "Expansion" dropdown menu and select the Legions set. Then Click on the Legions: Uprising bundle.

(4) Click on the 250 Gold button to purchase the bundle with in-game gold.



Now, the contents of the bundle (all Legions: Uprising cards) are in your collection, ready for you to be used. Enjoy and have fun with the new cards.


Further info about Legions: Uprising

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