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0.9.16 Early Access

KARDS Early Access Patch (Build 0.9.15)


This patch is all about improvements! Non-scoring matches for Officer Clubs members, end-of-match screen with achievement progress, better daily missions, Discard adjustments, and a lot more! 

Check out the dev blog for a deeper look at the new features, improvements and card changes! 



New Features

  • Members of the Officer Club can now choose to play non-scoring matches. Experimenting with new decks and new styles is now much easier. 
  • You’ll see a new window at the end of the match listing your achievement progress. On that window, you can also claim achievements you have completed with this match.


Changes and Improvements

  • Daily Missions are now 20-30% easier! Who doesn’t like free stuff?! 
  • Entry-level Nation Achievements now yield useful cards for that Nation instead of simply handing out resources for later use. Especially useful for new players!
  • You can now increase the Max Kredits Slot above 12. Playing cards like The War Machine will continue increasing your Max Kredits Slot even if you are already at the regular maximum. 
    Please note: This only applies when you are playing cards that increase your Kredits Slot, the automatic increase of Max Kredits from regular gameplay still stops once you have reached 12. 
  • We have changed the strength of Discard cards. We want to have Discard as a viable option in KARDS, but not as a top-tier strategy. More details are in the section below and the dev blog.
  • All 158. Nachschub cards that have been crafted from resources (we have only a few instances where this has happened, but still want to compensate those cases) have been changed into Gold variants which can be recycled without loss. This follows the card changes outlined below.

Card changes

  • 158. NACHSCHUB now gives you two extra Kredits when a friendly unit destroys an enemy unit during your turn (old: You draw a card when the enemy discards a card).
  • WOLFPACK costs now 5 Kredits (old: 4 Kredits).
  • MI5 costs now 3 Kredits, your enemy puts a random card from hand to top of their deck, and you draw a card (old: 4 Kredits and enemy discards a card while you draw one).
  • 17 POUNDER operation costs 1 Kredit and 2 attack (old: 2 Kredits operation costs and 3 attack).
  • BLACKBURN SKUA Mk II has 2 attack and 2 defense (old: 3 attack and 3 defense).
  • Ki-84 FRANK has a deployment cost of 5 Kredits (old: 6 Kredits deployment cost).
  • DEADLY DUTY costs 1 Kredit (old: 0 Kredits).
  • ORDER 227 now gives +1 attack for each unit in the frontline (old: +2 attack for each unit in the frontline).
  • THE EMPIRE STRIKES damages now the enemy HQ (old: only units were damaged). 
  • IMPERIAL STRENGTH costs now 1 Kredit, deals 1 damage to enemy HQ, and disables Countermeasures for one turn (old: 0 Kredits cost, gain 1 Kredit for each enemy destroyed during the turn).
  • NATIONAL FIRE SERVICE reduces the damage to your HQ by 1 (old: HQ was immune to damage)

Bug fixes

  • A unit pinned by SEXTON that had been moved to the hand was pinned the following turn and was impossible to play from hand. Fixed.
  • The daily missions "Play units that cost 2 or fewer Kredits" and "play units that cost 2 or more Kredits" counted orders as well. Fixed.
  • Self-destructing units (like from Siberian Transfer) didn’t trigger the 1st Signal Regiment damage effect a second time at the end of turn if they were destroyed earlier in the turn (like with Ural Factories). Fixed.
  • The AI was occasionally removing passive effects twice. Fixed.
  • The AI sometimes surrendered when it triggered AIRSTRIKE. Fixed.
  • The AI was using GUNSHIP MISSION on frontline cards. Fixed.
  • The AI would wait for 10 seconds at end of the turn in unlocking matches. Fixed
  • In some cases when hovering over cards as they were being played you could see overly large previews of the card. Fixed.
  • The target arrow looping sound stopped. Fixed
  • In some cases, you were able to hear incorrect card sounds during Mulligan. Fixed.


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