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Error: Kards is unreachable

Error diagnosis

What is the error? You cannot connect to the KARDS server
Is there an error message? Yes, you see an error dialog with the error message "https://1939-kardslive.1939api.com/drift is unreachable".
When does the error occur? The error occurs when you starting KARDS.

Error causes

This error can be caused by two events:

  1. The KARDS server is offline for maintenance
  2. Your connectivity doesn't allow your to connect to the Kards server

Check on Discord if the KARDS server is offline for maintenance (e.g. for a new game update).

How to fix this error

  1. If the KARDS server is offline, you need to wait until the server is up again.
  2. If the connectivity issue is on your end, check the following most frequent reasons for a connectivity issue
    1. Make sure that you have a working connection to the internet (this sounds silly, but in fact it is something that happens)
    2. Check your Firewall settings and make sure your firewall doesn't block connections to KARDS
    3. Check your Antivirus settings and make sure that it doesn't block the connection
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    o suporte do jogo e um lixo, faz quase um mes ue contatei o suporte, e ninguem respondeu, decepcionado

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    For 2.2. - what ports need to be open? Providing some configuration here would be helpful.