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0.9.11 Early Access

KARDS Early Access Patch (Build 0.9.11)

This patch is to complete the base KARDS set of 350 cards, to balance existing cards and to bug fix.

New Features and Changes

We have introduced the following six new cards to complete the base set of 350 cards:

  • 93rd GUARDS
  • G4M1 BETTY


We continue to balance cards as we get more stats and feedback.

  • DAYLIGHT BOMBING - now costs 4, deals 3 damage and destroys kredit slot
  • SHTURMOVIK IL-2M - now has Heavy Armor 1 and deals excess damage to HQ
  • U-375 - now only discards 5 cost or less and no HQ damage
  • M36 JACKSON - now costs 5
  • ULTRA - now costs 3
  • GRENADIER GUARDS - now has attack 5
  • 1st AIRLANDING BRIGADE - now has defense 5
  • PANZERZUG 61 BP42 - now has attack 5
  • STIRLING Mk I S3 - now has defense 4
  • CORSAIR F4U-1D - now has defense 4
  • BLADE OF THE SAMURAI - now costs 6B-17 FLYING FORTRESS - now costs 9


Check out the dev blog The Final Countdown: KARDS base set completed! for full details on the new cards!

Bug Fixes

  • Units attacking an immune unit/HQ were able to attack more than once. Fixed.
  • Tutorial messages sometimes showed twice. Fixed.
  • A rare crash occurred when one player surrendered at the same time the other player triggered an event like ending turn. Fixed.
  • Cards sometimes got stuck on board after an invalid target was chosen. Fixed.
  • Help bubble text sometimes blocked history text. Fixed.


Graphic Improvements

  • Changed animation for cards played from enemy hand.
  • When dragging to attack an enemy unit, you now see the damage each unit will do.
  • National packs received in achievements are now visualized better.


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