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Tis the Season to Be Jolly - Rewards for Season 1

Hello friends!


The end of times is upon us and by that I mean of course the end of the first season in KARDS. When the clock strikes midnight on April 30th (UTC time), we will give you seasonal rewards and/or reformat your hard-drive. Let’s discuss this in a bit more detail.

First of all, when the season ends, we will adjust the ranks of all players. As explained in a previous dev blog, for each nation, you will drop one rank, retaining any stars you already had at your previous highest rank. So for instance if you were a Major with 3 stars for Germany then in the new season you will be a Captain with 3 stars. The exception here is that for those nations you reached Field Marshal rank you will go to Major at 5 stars. Note that as the requirement for being in the Officer Club is at least three Field Marshal ranks, players will no longer be members of the Officer Club when the reset goes through. Fear not though, we will take a snapshot of the final ranking of the top 100 and allow players to see the top 100 for each season in an archive in game. So you can get the bragging rights for all posterity of being a top 100 alumni of the first Kards season.


Let us now get to the meat and potatoes of this dev blog, which is outlining the rewards coming your way when the season ends.


Players can receive seasonal rewards based on their national ranking and Officer Club standing. For the ranks, we count the total number of ranks you have progressed to (or be promoted to). For every 5 ranks you have reached, you will get a reward. There are six ranks per nation to rank up (the seventh, Field Marshal, is not counted as you unlock it immediately upon completing the General rank. But you will get a bonus reward for reaching Field Marshal, see below). So the maximum potential ranks to achieve is 30. The rewards for the ranks are two-fold. First, you get normal packs. Secondly, you get Gold cards, a new addition to the game.


Gold cards are gold version of existing cards. They function the same as the normal versions and can be included in your deck and played with. There is one special rule regarding Gold cards though, which is that you can decide to break them down for resources. Gold cards are worth in resources the same amount as it would take to craft a card of that rarity. So breaking down a Gold card of the Special rarity, as an example, would give you 80 resources. Be advised though that breaking down a Gold card is irreversible - once you’ve broken it down you have lost the card for good.


Couple of quick notes on Gold cards before listing the rewards - you can now get Gold cards when opening normal packs. Cards of all rarities have Gold versions. When the update hits, we are retroactively going to award people Gold cards based on how many packs they have opened so far. The cards you receive will be added to your collection, so go through it carefully after we patch next week. Hint: after the patch, you can write “gold” in the search field in your collection to filter your collection to only show the Gold cards you own.

So on to the rewards. For the ranks you unlock, you will be rewarded as follows:


Note that you receive the reward based on your highest unlock. So for instance if you have 15 unlocks you receive 1 Limited rarity Gold card (random one) and 2 packs. You don’t also get the rewards for 5 and 10 unlocks.


Here’s a work in progress version to give you an idea of how it will look:

On top of the above rewards, you can get the following bonus rewards:

  • For each Field Marshal rank you reach, you get a National Pack for that nation (a national pack contains 5 cards with cards just from that nation, these are the same packs you sometimes receive as achievement rewards). So if you get to Field Marshal with all five nations, that’s 5 extra packs!
  • If you reach the Officer Club (you can do this with 18 ranks unlocked) you will receive 1 extra pack, plus the Gold card you receive will be one rarity higher. For example, if you have 25 ranks unlocked, you receive a Special Gold card, but if you are in the Officer Club you’ll get an Elite Gold card instead.
  • The players that end the season in the top 10 of the Officer Club leaderboard get extra 5 packs as well.


The players that end the season in the top 5 of the Officer Club leaderboard also get physical rewards that we will send to their home (if you’re one of those, make sure you have your email set so we can contact you).


The first place will receive a bag of Kards goodies, including a canteen and a pack of promotional physical cards from the game (plus several more cool things). The player also gets an aluminum plaque with the player’s name engraved on it and the season. We will hang a duplicate plaque up in our office on our Wall of Fame, where the winner of every season will get a place. 

The second to fifth place will receive the canteen and the pack. Sneak peek:


The new season will start promptly at midnight 30th of April/1st of May, you will receive your rewards on your first login after the new season starts. Note that if you’re logged on when the change occurs you will notice the change (like dropping out of the Officer Club if you’re a member), but you will have to log out and back in to get your rewards.

That’s it for now.

Happy battling these last few days of the season!

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