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Gold Cards

Gold cards are gold versions of existing cards. Cards of all rarities have gold versions. 

Gold cards and regular cards

Gold cards have the exact same stats and functionality as their non-gold counterparts, but are much rarer and look different.


A standard and Gold version of a card.

Gold cards behave on the battlefield in the same way as regular cards.


How to get gold cards

You can get gold cards in four primary ways:

  1. Opening Officer card packs
  2. As an end-of-season reward
  3. Bonus reward from winning in Draft mode
  4. Converting an owned card into a gold version using the gold currency


Whenever you open an Officer pack, you have a slight chance that instead of the regular variant of the card, you’ll receive the gold version of that card instead. This stacks with the rarity of cards - it is rarer to get an Elite rarity card in gold than a Standard rarity card in gold.


Gold cards are also part of seasonal rewards, given at the end of a ranked in-game season. Note that each season lasts from the beginning and until the end of a month. Reaching Bronze rank or higher includes a Gold card as part of end-of-season rewards.


There’s also a chance that one of the bonus rewards from winning a Draft will give you a gold card. 


Finally, owned cards can be converted into gold versions by using the gold currency. Note that this is the only way in which you can create specific cards in their gold versions. The cost of converting a card to gold changes based on rarity, and is as follows (per card):

  • Standard: 100 gold
  • Limited: 200 gold
  • Special: 400 gold
  • Elite: 800 gold


To convert a card into a gold card, do the following:

  • From the home screen of the game, select the Cards menu.
  • Navigate to your Collection from the top bar.
  • Right-click or tap a card.
  • Select the gold card button, on the right side of the create button, to convert an owned card into a gold version of that card. Note that only one existing copy of your card will be converted into gold.
  • On the following popup, confirm the price and press Confirm to convert the card.



Further information

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