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Shop: Purchasing card packs with Gold

You can purchase card packs with the gold currency, which you earn as a reward for daily missions, national progression, playing in draft mode, and through the weekly crate.


How to purchase packs with gold

On the home screen, click the “Shop” button on the left side of the page.


On the shop screen, scroll to the “Packs” section. Here, you can buy two types of card packs: packs from the latest expansion set, and Core packs, which contain cards from every other set.


  1. Select the pack type you would like to buy.
  2. Choose the number of packs you would like to buy, and select either (Standard) packs (for 100 gold per pack), or Officer packs (for 330 gold per pack).
  3. Click on the gold currency button to confirm your purchase and receive your card pack.


Note that you will need to have a minimum of 100 gold available on your KARDS account to purchase a Standard card pack and 330 gold for an Officer pack. The price of packs is the same whether you’re buying Core or the latest expansion packs.


Standard and Officer card packs

Each Standard card pack contains 5 cards from either the Core group of cards, or the latest expansion set. They guarantee 1 Limited rarity card or better. Standard packs are a great way of quickly building up your collection as a new player.


Officer packs contain 7 cards from either the Core group of cards, or the latest expansion set. They guarantee 2 Limited rarity or better cards and 1 Special rarity card or better. Officer packs can drop Wildcards, which can be used to create any card you do not yet own in the game. Officer packs can also drop gold cards, which function in the same way as a non-gold version of the same card but have a gold look.


Once the purchase has been successfully completed, the gold will be removed from your account, a card pack will be added, and a notification will pop up.


You can open the card pack at your convenience in the Open Packs interface, accessible from the home screen. 


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    The "Packs" tab is nowhere to be found on my shop screen...

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    I didn't buy anything, but about 2,000 gold bars were written off