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Orders can cause an effect on the battlefield that may benefit you, or harm your opponent. Once an Order has been issued, the card will be discarded. Some Orders can be blocked by Countermeasures.

How Orders work

An Order is issued by deploying it onto the battlefield and paying the Kredit cost. To deploy an Order, drag it from your hand and onto the battlefield. Some Orders target a specific unit, in that case you will have the opportunity to specify which unit on the opponent’s battlefield to target.


When an Order has been issued, the game will check if your opponent has an activated Countermeasure available in his deck which counters the Order. If a Countermeasure is triggered, the effect of your Order may be nullified and both cards discarded.


If your Order isn’t countered by a Countermeasure, the effect of the order takes place. The effect is described in detail on the Order card itself.


Note that issuing an Order costs Kredits whether the Order’s effects take effect, or was blocked by a Countermeasure.


Immediate and delayed Orders

Some Orders have an instant effect right after you successfully issued them, some Orders have a delay and may take effect a bit later.


An example of an instant Order is the US SUPPLY SHIPMENT.



An example of a delayed Order is the German REICHSBANK.



Identifying Orders

Orders can be identified by the little exclamation mark icon on the card.


Hovering over an Order in battle opens a popup with further information.

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