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Orders can cause an effect on the battlefield that either directly benefits you or that harms your opponent. Once an Order has been issued, the card will be discarded. Some Orders can be blocked by Countermeasures.

How Orders work

You issue an Order by deploying it to the battlefield and by paying the Order cost in Kredits.

When an Order has been issued, the game will check if your opponent has an activated Countermeasure available in his deck to cancel this Order. If the Countermeasure is being triggered, your Order will be ignored and the will be card discarded. 

If your Order hasn't been blocked by a Countermeasure, the effect of the Order will take place. The exact effect is described in detail on the Order card itself. 

Issuing an Order costs Kredits regardless if you were successful with it or if it got blocked by a Countermeasure. 

Immediate Orders and Delayed Orders

Some Orders have an instant effect right after you successfully issued them, some Orders have a delay and will take effect a bit later (latest your turn).

An example for an instant Order is the US Supply Shipment.

Example for an immediate Order: Supply Shipment

An example for a delayed Order is the German Reichsbank.

Example for a delayed Order: Reichsbank


How to identify Orders

You can identify Orders by the little exclamation mark icon on the card:

Example for an Order:Tactical Withdrawal

When you hover the mouse over a Order, you see a popup with further information.




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