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Game hint: Boost your early progress with free gold and packs

You dive into the exciting world of KARDS with your starter deck cards. After that, you begin building your collection and expand it as you go along. This is both fun and challenging.


Four easy steps

Especially in the beginning, you can make quick progress. Boost your early progress with a few, simple steps that will give you free gold and decks!

  1. Tutorial and email (4 packs)
  2. Daily missions (5 gold each)
  3. Achievements  (Various rewards, up to several packs)
  4. Daily win (2 gold for the first win of the day, 1 gold for every three wins)

Achievements and daily missions

Example of daily missions in progress

Achievements can get you large boosts - rapidly! The only limiting factor is your dedication. Check the available achievements by clicking the “Profile” icon on the main screen and going to the “Progress” tab.

Example of achievements in progress

  • Daily missions can be completed by doing PVP battles and AI training matches.
  • Achievements can be completed only by doing PVP battles - but even lost matches can count towards achievements (depending on the achievement).


Impact on your progression

Using the combination of daily missions and achievements allowed some players to reach the elite Officer Club with in-game rewards only! 

If you want to speed up the progress even further, you can, of course, also purchase additional packs in the Kards shop.

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