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KARDS Glossary



Short for Ally nation: The secondary nation you are using in your deck.


This is the virtual KARDS board where all the action happens. The battlefield has several elements: Frontline, Support line, Decks, Hands, Kredit counter, Emotes, Settings, History, game version.


The actual digital card with its complete info (e.g., attack, defense, triggers) and beautiful artwork representing Units, Orders, and Countermeasures.

Please check the article about Cards for details.


The totality of cards a player owns.


The process of creating a card by using resources. Crafting cards requires between 8 (Standard rarity) and 320 (Elite rarity) resources.

Please check the article about Crafting Cards for details.


Countermeasures are triggers in your hand that are hidden from the enemy and can result in an action during the enemy turn.

Please check the article about Countermeasures for details.


The specific selection of cards according to the KARDS rules (40 cards including HQ; except for starter decks: min. 28 cards from the main nation, max. 12 cards from the ally nation).

Please check the article about Decks for details.


The act of deploying a unit on the battlefield. This usually happens by dragging one of the units from your hand onto the battlefield. In some circumstances, e.g. when you are playing an Order, units are getting deployed directly on the battlefield without you moving them from your hand first.


The Frontline is a major battlefield element and lies between the two sides. Units in the Frontline can directly attack units in the enemy Support line including the enemy HQ.

Please check the article about Battlefield elements: The Frontline for details.


The collection of cards that players hold in their hands, limited to 9 cards. Per default, you play cards from your hand (exceptions exist, e.g. Order cards).

Players can only see their own hand, not the enemy's hand. 

Please check the article about Battlefield elements: Hand for details.



Short for Main nation: The primary Nation you are using in your deck.


The actually battle between two players.

The match starts when two players have been selected via matchmaking.

Mulligan is the first stage of the game where you can redraw your hand.

Then, the match enters its hot stage where players take turns to draw card, deploy units, conduct orders, move and attack.

The match is over when one of the Headquarters has reached 0 HP.


Before the battle enters its hot phase, you are able to redraw your starting hand from your deck. This stage of optionally redrawing your starting hand is called Mulligan.


You can play five Nations in KARDS: Britain, Germany, Japan, Soviet, US. Each Nation has their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Please check the article about Nations for details.


Orders are one of the three main types of cards.

When issuing an Order by playing an Order card, an effect is being triggered and the Order card is being discarded. Some Orders can be blocked by Countermeasures.

Please check the article about Orders for details.


A collection of 5 cards bundled into a pack. You can open packs and collect the cards in your pack.

Each pack has a guaranteed of at least one card of limited rarity.

Support line

The Support line is the area right in front of you and is always populated with your Headquarter. When your units enter the battlefield, you deploy them into your Support line (unless stated otherwise).

Please check the article about the Battlefield element: Support line line for details.


KARDS is being played in turns.

Your turn starts when your opponent’s turn has ended. Then, with the start of your turn, you usually receive Kredits and draw a card from your deck (exceptions exist, for example when you got denied Kredits this round by your opponent).

Then you can deploy, move, and attack units,  issue Orders, and activate Countermeasures until you don’t want to or cannot perform any further actions.

Your turn ends when you click the “End Turn” button. Once your turn has ended, your opponent’s turn starts.


A unit is an element on the battlefield that can be attacked.

Currently, several types of units exist:
Artillery, Bomber, Fighter, Headquarter, Infantry, Tank.

The Headquarter is a special unit that cannot be moved and is deployed automatically at the beginning of the match.

All other units have deployment and operational costs (which can be zero in some cases).

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