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Game UI: Main screen

The main screen of KARDS is the starting point when entering KARDS and after you have completed a game. From here you can start new battles, and access your decks and card collections.


Elements of the main screen

The main screen allows you to access all important elements of KARDS:

  • Starting new games
  • Your decks and the deckbuilder
  • KARDS Shop 
  • Info and stats
  • Settings

Starting new battles

You can start new battles by either clicking the Training or Battle button or by a Challenge. 

Training will start a battle against the AI (PVE).

Battle with start a battle against a human player automatically selected by the matchmaking system.

Draft is an upcoming new game mode.

You can also challenge your friends or accept challenges. You manage challenges via the Friend List.

Deckbuilder and card collection

You can access the Deckbuilder and your cards collection by clicking the Cards icon. The Deckbuilder allows you to modify existing decks and create new decks. It also 

Shop and Redeeming codes

You can access the KARDS Shop by clicking the Shop icon. There you can redeem codes, purchase new packs and cosmetics. In the Shop, you can also the option to redeem a code. 




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