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Unit ability: Heavy Armor 2

Unit receives 2 less damage when attacked by other units.

How it works

When a unit with Heavy Armor 2 is attacked by another unit, the attacked unit receives two less damage from the attacker. This is a passive ability and applies automatically.

Heavy Armor 2 is only available on very few tanks.

Be aware that that damage from order units is not affected by Heavy Armor and will count to its full extend.

There are also units that can have an extra effect, such as the British elite unit M4 Firefly which ignores Heavy Armor and deals full damage.

How to identify Heavy Armor 2 units

Heavy Armor 2 unit can be identified by a little 2 on a shield below the unit on the battlefield.

Alternatively, if you look at the card you will see the word "Heavy Armor 2" written beneath its image.

The story behind Heavy Armor 2

Heavy Armor 2 represents ultra-heavy armor. Following the development of increasingly stronger armor in order to survive enemy fire, the construction of ultra-heavy armor was only a logical consequence. However, due to the extremely high costs, both in production and logistics, we see only very few units that have been armored to such a degree. The excessively high costs for such ultra-heavy armor is represented in KARDS by very high deployment and operation costs. 

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