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  • We've added a visual indicator when the operation cost of units change.

Bug fixes

  • Ambience sound sometimes broke in certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • If SAIUN or PETE were added to frontline, for instance with URAL FACTORIES, they couldn't be attacked by ground units. Fixed.
  • 37mm ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN did not update operation cost back correctly when it died on AI turn. Fixed.
  • Some cards that spawn other cards did not show the spawned cards on hover (like 321st RIFLE REGIMENT). Fixed.
  • KATYUSHA could deal the extra damage when the target was already dead, which caused issues for instance with 33rd RECON REGIMENT. Fixed.
  • M4 FIREFLY had incorrect attack range. Fixed.
  • AI controlled CORSAIR F4U-1D could destroy enemy HQ on destruction. Fixed.
  • Some fixes made to history.


  • Improved speed of resolving multiple actions in sequence (for instance common in Commando decks).
  • Improved when same target is hit with multiple damage/boost at same time to show better each effect.
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