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Battlefield elements: Hands

The "Hand" is the set of accessible cards that are available to the player at any given point during a match. 


The cards of your hand are visible to you at the bottom of the battlefield. The cards of your enemy are hidden from you at the top of the battlefield.

How it works

At the beginning of the battle you select your starting hand, this is called Mulligan. The player who starts the battle starts with 4 cards in the hand, the other player starts with 5 cards.

During the battle, you use cards from your hand (e.g. deploy units, issue orders, perform countermeasures) and draw fresh cards from your deck. 

Orders and Countermeasures can impact your hand (e.g. you might be forced to discard cards or you might draw some extra cards). 

The cards in your hand that you can afford to play are subtly indicated by a yellow credit cost marker (yellow text on black), otherwise the credit cost marker is a grey number on black.

Full hand

You can only have up to 9 cards in your hand. If you have already a full hand with 9 cards, then any extra cards you draw will be automatically discarded. 

Empty deck

You can only draw new cards from your deck as long as it is not empty. Once your deck is empty, you cannot draw cards from it.

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