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Please refer to the latest dev blog on Card Tweaks for the full details on card changes.

Changed cards

  • MONTY (now pins all enemy units)
  • SUPPLY DROP (now can only target tank or infantry units)
  • MI5 (+1 kredit cost)
  • BLACK WATCH (-1 attack)
  • MOSQUITO FB Mk VI (-1 defense)
  • 4. PIONEER BATTALION (now boosts units in frontline by +1)
  • NEBELWERFER 42 (now deals 1 directed damage to enemy unit)
  • ENIGMA (+1 kredit cost)
  • ZHUKOV (now reduces cost of fetched unit by 3)
  • CLOSE COMBAT (+1 kredit cost)
  • SCORCHED EARTH (now increases operation cost by 3)
  • SIBERIAN TRANSFER (-1 kredit cost)
  • MOTHER RUSSIA (-1 kredit cost)
  • KV-1 941 (now deals 2 damage for card drawn, -1 defense)
  • 17th INFANTRY REGIMENT (-1 defense)
  • M36 JACKSON (+1 attack)
  • DINAH has been changed to M6A1 SEIRAN, a 1/4 bomber for 4 kredits, 2 op cost, same ability as Dinah.

Visual/audio changes

  • Added vfx to several cards (like Strategic Bombing)
  • Fixing audio and visuals on several cards
  • New icon for artillery
  • Added artist information to cards
  • Changed artwork on several cards
  • Changed name and picture of Ki-51 SONIA to AICHI D3A-1 (exact same stats). AICHI D3A name changed to AICHI D3A-2
  • All AI decks now have default nation card backs

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused stats to not be removed correctly when a unit died (like TYPE 93 or M8 Greyhound).
  • End of turn stat reverts were sometimes not handled correctly. Fixed.
  • Unit destruction sometimes caused effects to trigger incorrectly or not at all, such as for CORSAIR F4U 1D, AKITA REGIMENT and 85mm D-44 FIELD GUN. Fixed.
  • P-47D THUNDERBOLT did not draw a card for destroying a unit in enemy turn. Fixed.
  • More issues fixed with cards getting stuck on screen when being drawn out of turn.
  • Improvements to targeting arrow.
  • Officer leaderboard did not update correctly at end of match or for AI battle matches. Fixed.
  • AI did not properly follow unit limitation in support line, which sometimes caused too many units there. Fixed.
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