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Countermeasures are triggers in your hand that are hidden from the enemy and can result in an action during the enemy turn.

How Countermeasures work

Countermeasures can be in two states: Activated and Deactivated.

Only activated Countermeasures can be triggered. Deactivated Countermeasures won't do anything.

Activated Countermeasures can only be triggered during the next enemy turn. This will happen automatically and depends if the enemy is performing the action described on the Countermeasure.

Once a Countermeasure has been triggered by the enemy, the Countermeasure will perform an action and then it will be discarded. This action is visible to the enemy and the battle timeline.

The enemy is not able to see which Countermeasures you own. The enemy also won't be able to see the Kredit change for activating a Countermeasure.

How to activate Countermeasures

You activate a Countermeasure by deployment to the battlefield. This will not move the card onto the battlefield itself, instead this activates the Countermeasure and keeps it in your hand.

Activated Countermeasures are indicated by a yellow background on the cost indicator of the card compared to a black background on deactivated Countermeasures.

Activated Countermeasure

Deactivated Countermeasure

Activating a Countermeasure costs Kredits as indicated on the card. 

Once an activated Countermeasure has been triggered by the enemy, it will perform an action (e.g. boosting one of your units or dealing damage to an enemy unit) and then will be discarded. The effect of a triggered Countermeasure is visible to the enemy and the battle timeline.

If an activated Countermeasure is not being triggered during the enemy’s turn, it will turn inactive and stay in your hand. You can activate the Countermeasure again in your turn then.

The exact trigger conditions and the effects of a triggered Countermeasure are explained in the Card description.

Deactivating Countermeasures

You can deactivate an activated Countermeasure by deploying it onto the battlefield which then charges back the previously paid Kredits for activating the Countermeasure.

How to identify Countermeasures

You can identify Countermeasures by the little question mark icon on the card:

Example for a Countermeasure: In the Navy

When you hover the mouse over a Countermeasure, you see a popup with further information.




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