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Unit ability: Smokescreen

A unit with Smokescreen cannot be attacked until it has moved or attacked.

How it works

If a unit has Smokescreen, then it cannot be attacked by other units. As soon as the unit with Smokescreen moves or attacks, it loses Smokescreen and can then be attacked.


Once Smokescreen has been lost, it cannot be regenerated by the unit.


Units with Smokescreen can still be damaged by Order cards. 


A few cards have the ability to change Smokescreen on other cards, such as Supply Drop, Overwhelming Force, or F4F Wildcat. 


How to identify Smokescreen units

Smokescreen can be identified by the little double cloud on a shield next to the unit on the battlefield.



Alternatively, if you look at the card you will see the word "Smokescreen" written beneath its image.



The story behind Smokescreen

Smokescreen has a long military tradition and is supposed to mask the movement or location of specific units. The tactical element has been implemented in KARDS as a unit ability. However, as soon as the unit leaves the cover of Smokescreen, it is revealed and can be attacked.

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