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Unit ability: Fury

Units with Fury can attack twice each turn.

How it works

If a unit has the Fury ability, then they can attack twice during the same turn. You can use the extra attack any time during your turn as long as you have enough Kredits to cover the operation cost as marked on the card. Attacking twice results in double the operational costs. 

For example, the Humber MK II costs 1K to operate. This means, if you want to attack twice during a round, you need to pay 2 Kredits - one Kredit for each attack.

How to identify Fury units

Fury units can be identified by the little lightning bolt below the unit on the battlefield.


When you look at the card, you will see the word "Fury" written beneath its image.


The story behind Fury

Fury was inspired by historic examples of fast-moving, dangerous units that were able to inflict severe damage far beyond the usual performance. Naturally, air units or other unusually fast-moving, such as 8. Fallschirmjäger or 41st Bicycle Regiment, have the Fury ability. 

Slightly related to Blitz, Fury is an inherent ability of the units and not limited to the deployment of the unit.


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