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How to report a bug

If you encounter a security vulnerability, please contact us immediately by sending an email to support@1939games.com.  Do not proceed with your investigation until we have contacted you.

We welcome you to report game bugs you might encounter. In order to efficiently report issues or bugs (and to save you time), we would like to outline some best practice.

Before you report a bug

  1. Make sure the issue is of technical nature and not intended mechanic.

How to report

  1. Once you are sure that the issue is indeed a bug, please create a ticket to customer support. Use the category Technical -> Report bug

What to include in the bug report

  1. Provide a short and specific ticket subject. The subject should contain the essence of the bug report. Please avoid unspecific subjects such as "Game broken".
  2. Short description of the bug. Be specific, yet short in your description. Usually, the description can be as short as one or two sentences. A screenshot of the bug can help a lot describing the bug, but this depends a bit on the nature of the bug.
  3. Technical information such as error codes or log files.
  4. Reproduction steps on how you end up experiencing the bug. Being able to reproduce the bug is very important! Please share in which order you where doing what to end up with the bug. A bullet point list work great for this.
  5. Any changes to your system or software. Did you encounter this issue after there was a change in your system or the game (e.g. after a patch)? This is important information that should be included.

What not to include in the bug report

  1. Please do not report game balance issues or feature requests as bugs. We encourage you using the feedback option on patch notes, dev blogs, Discord, or social media instead.


While we understand that bugs can result in frustrating game experiences, for which we apologize, we also would like to confirm that good bug reporting definitely helps our engineers to faster fix bugs and issues.

Thank you!

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    So I didn't get any rewards for the season, but I reached certain levels.

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    Rogério Rogerio


    I like a lot this game but is very boring and i leave this game because i didn't get my gold and rewards in "BATTLE" mode so many times. I dont undersant why i dont win my rewards, i make a game reboot and it is tha same thing...