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  • Revamped new player experience. After playing through a couple of tutorials, new players now select a starting nation deck and then proceed to battle the other nations to unlock their decks. 
  • Added tutorial tooltips when players encounter card types and abilities for the first time. 
  • Added more varied AI difficulties and decks. In Training you can now choose which nation and difficulty to battle against. 
  • Online player placeholder list removed. Players now use the Battle button to enter a match. If player has waited a long time to be matched he has the option to battle the AI instead, still receiving the same rewards as for normal PvP match. 
  • Added Friend list. Players can add each other as friends. Online status visible in Friend list and friends can be challenged directly to a match. 
  • Added options at end of match to ask for rematch and to send friend request. 
  • We have added two cards with a new card mechanic, which takes temporary control of an enemy unit. The stolen unit is moved to your support line, unless it is alone in the frontline (it then remains in the frontline and you now control the frontline).

Card Changes 

  • Rarity on 16 cards has been changed.
  • On death triggers have now been keyworded same as on deployment triggers. It is called Rout. Rout means the effect text after the Rout: triggers when the unit is destroyed.
  • USA

    • TBF-1 AVENGER. Now costs 7 kredits. Destroys random enemy unit with defense 5+ on deployment now.
    • DEATH FROM ABOVE. Now costs 3 kredits. New effect: Destroy random enemy unit.
    • THE WAR MACHINE. New effect: Gain 1 extra kredit slot (old effect of REICHSBANK). 
    • SUPPLY SHIPMENT. New effect: Give a unit in the frontline +2+3 (old effect of SUPPLY DROP). 
    • 99th INFANTRY BATTALION. New effect: If you control the frontline at end of turn, deal 1 damage to a random enemy (old effect of 22nd INFANTRY REGIMENT). 
    • B-25 MITCHELL. New effect: Deployment: Deal 3 damage to a random enemy. - ENEMY SPOTTED. Now draws 3 cards instead of 2. 
    • P-40 WARHAWK. Now has 2 attack instead of 3. New effect: Has +3 attack against ground units. 
    • WAR BONDS. Now costs 5 kredits and gives +2 kredit slots instead of +1

  • Japan

    • IMPERIAL STRENGTH. Now costs 0 kredits. New effect: Gain 1 additional kredit for each enemy unit destroyed this turn.
    • BURST OF FIRE. New effect: Give a friendly fighter +1 attack and Fury this turn.
    • ANCIENT EMPIRE. Now costs 4 kredits.
    • 33rd RECON REGIMENT. New effect: When this unit is dealt damage, draw a card. - BLADE OF THE SAMURAI. Now costs 7 kredits and can destroy any unit (old effect of ANNIHILATION).
    • SENDAI REGIMENT. Now has 1 attack and 3 defense. New effect: Deployment: Destroy target enemy unit. Rout: Return destroyed unit to enemy support line.

  • Soviet

    • FINAL PUSH. Now only increases attack by +3.
    • ARCTIC CONVOY. Now costs 4 kredits. New effect: Draw 2 random units from your deck.
    • ORDER 227. Now costs 2 kredits. New effect: Target friendly Soviet ground unit gains Ambush and +2 attack for each enemy unit in the frontline.
    • SCORCHED EARTH. Now costs 3 kredits. New effect: Destroy all your units. Increase the operation cost of all enemy units by 1.

  • Britain

    • THE EMPIRE STRIKES. New effect: Deal X damage to each enemy unit where X is equal to the number of bombers you control.
    • SUPPLY DROP. New effect: Give a unit +4 defense and Guard. Remove Smokescreen (old effect of SUPPLY SHIPMENT).
    • UNEXPECTED RESISTANCE. Now costs 0 kredits.
    • BALUCH REGIMENT. Now has 4 defense instead of 3. New effect: Deployment: Give HQ +2 defense.
    • A34 COMET. New effect: When this unit deals damage to enemy HQ, draw a card. - BLACKBURN SKUA. New effect: Deployment: Deal 1 damage to an enemy. Pin it if it is a unit.

  • Germany

    • U-375. Now deals 2 damage to enemy HQ in addition to random discard.
    • 22nd INFANTRY REGIMENT. New effect: If you control the frontline at end of turn, draw a card (old effect of 99th INFANTRY BATTALION). 
    • BLACKOUT. Now costs 1 kredit. 
    • STUG III-F. Now has operation cost of 1 and 2 attack instead of 3. 
    • STUG IV. Now has defense of 4 instead of 3. 
    • MARDER III H. Now is 2 attack, 3 defense instead of 3/2. New effect: Gains +1 attack when another unit is destroyed. 
    • PANZER IV F2. New effect: Deployment: Send target enemy unit to owner’s hand. If it costs 2 kredits or less, destroy it instead. 
    • TACTICAL STRIKE. Now also draws a card.
    • ANNIHILATION. Now costs 6 kredits. New effect: Destroy an enemy unit with cost 4 or less. Enemy discards a random card.

New Cards 

  • USA


  • Japan


  • Soviet

    • B-4 203mm HOWITZER

  • Britain

  • Germany


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Settings button sound
  • Fixed bug where GUNSHIP MISSION failed to damage it's target
  • Fixed bug where STURMOVIK would attack wrong HQ
  • Fixed bug where sometimes when AIR DEFENSE was triggered and killed the attacker the attacker still dealt damage

Remember to restart Steam if you you are playing right after I post this (It can take Steam some time to send out the update automatically)

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