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  • The rank system has been revamped. Players now have a rank for each nation. Reaching Field Marshal in three nations will earn entry to the Officers Club. See this devblog on the Officers Club for more info.
  • Seasonal adjustments activated. KARDS' first season ends at the end of April.
  • National levels removed, introduced more granular achievements with expanded reward types instead.
  • Revamped the matchmaking system, now it uses a system akin to ELO to match players of similar skill level. 
  • When in match, the nation rank is shown based on deck, plus a special icon if player is a member of the Officers Club.
  • Because of the changes above, ranks and achievements will be reset for players. See the dev blog on the new progression system for more details.
  • Icons below units indicating status such as guarded or pinned are now more clearly shown when being applied or removed from units.
  • Icons for passive effects on units have been reworked and now flash when the passive effect triggers. Destruction icon also now flashes when it triggers.
  • Cards now show on mouseover which cards they spawn.
  • The Ambush mechanic has been changed. Ambush now only triggers the first time the ambush unit is attacked each turn. After the first attack ambush is disabled until end of turn.
  • Anti-air unit type has been removed. Existing anti-air units have been changed into different types.


  • Opening pack scene has been completely redone.
  • Indicator for unclaimed achievements more visible.
  • Changing/swapping picture on a few cards.
  • Some edits to music in game.

New Cards

Refer to the dev blog on the new cards for more info.

  • 158. NACHSCHUB
  • M1 155mm LONG TOM

Changed Cards

Refer to the dev blog on changes to existing cards for full details.

Ambush units

  • 3rd GUARDS REGIMENT +1 attack
  • 42nd RIFLES +1 defense
  • PAK 38 +1 defense
  • A6M ZERO +1 defense
  • TYPE 3 CHI-NU +1 defense

Anti-air units

  • 37mm ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN (artillery)
  • 3.7cm FLAK 37 (tank)
  • TYPE 88 AA GUN (artillery)
  • WIRBELWIND (tank)
  • M16 HALF-TRACK (tank)
  • QF 40mm Mk III (artillery)
  • TYPE 96 25mm AA GUN (artillery)
  • 3.7 inch ANTI AIR GUN (artillery)
  • 88 mm FLAK (artillery)

Additional card balance changes

  • HURRICANE Mk I -1 defense
  • Ki-61 HIEN -1 defense
  • N1K-J SHIDEN -1 attack
  • B5N KATE -1 attack
  • HAMPDEN Mk I -2 defense
  • LANCASTER Mk I +1 kredit cost
  • SBD 3 DAUNTLESS remove smokescreen
  • JUNKERS JU 88 A remove smokescreen
  • 6 POUNDER remove smokescreen
  • NEBELWERFER 42 remove smokescreen
  • TIGER I-H cannot be pinned
  • IOSEF STALIN II create copy if sent to hand
  • USACE can only target tank or infantry
  • 22nd GUARD BRIGADE only affects tanks and infantry
  • FOR FREEDOM now gives +1+1 to any unit
  • KATYUSHA -1 operation cost
  • AIR DEFENSE +1 kredit cost. Now destroys air unit instead of drawing card
  • BLOOD RED SKY -1 kredit cost. Now only affects friendly Soviet air units
  • ATLANTIC CONVOY +1 kredit cost
  • IN THE NAVY now a countermeasure. Gives defending unit +2+2

Bug Fixes

  • Cards in deck now have knowledge of actions on battlefield. This means cards like 35th RIFLES and INDUSTRIAL MIGHT will now trigger correctly even if drawn afterwards.
  • URAL FACTORIES and RED BANNER failed in spawning new unit if line was full. Fixed.
  • Kredit cost area of countermeasures showed as black when played. Fixed.
  • COMMONWEALTH did not trigger correctly when caster had exactly 30 defense. Fixed.
  • Units added to the battlefield did not apply their passive effects or show icons. Fixed.
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