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Several new cards and balance changes to existing cards. Please refer to the dev blogs for details.

Card changes

  • FORTIFICATION: HQ defense +7 instead of +8. 
  • 17 POUNDER: Costs 5 instead of 4. 
  • JAGDPANTHER: Operation cost 2 instead of 1. 
  • PANZER IV F2: Costs 6 instead of 5. 
  • 7th REGIMENT: Attack is 3 instead of 4. 
  • ANCIENT EMPIRE: HQ defense is +4 instead of +5. 


  • Available Kredits did not show correctly when higher than 12, for instance after playing Reichsbank. Kredits can now show up to 18. 
  • Changed wording on several cards to use Add instead of Deploy when creating units on the battlefield, to reduce confusion with effects that happen on deployment (like units with Deployment trigger or cards like Careless Talk). 
  • Corrected the passive effect boost icon on several cards.
  • A notification bubble is now visible when you have a pending friend request.

Bug Fixes

  • Matches sometimes did not start after players had been matched, corrupting the player state until they relogged. Fixed.
  • Players ending matches abruptly, for instance by closing client, could corrupt match state. Fixed. 
  • Frontline did not adjust correctly when frontline changes happened rapidly. Fixed. 
  • Units sometimes were not destroyed properly when attacks happened fast. Fixed. 
  • Turn timer sometimes did not show for both players. Fixed. 
  • Tooltips were missing in a few places. Fixed. 
  • More fixes for Gold & Resources not refreshing properly. 
  • AKITA REGIMENT sometimes selected unit that was already dying for their Destruction damage ability. Fixed.
  • Retreat ability of 1st AIRLANDING BRIGADE did not function properly. Fixed. 
  • Units added to battlefield without being played from hand (for instance through SENDAI REGIMENT) caused Deployment effects to trigger, when they should not. Fixed. 
  • Stat buff from M8 GREYHOUND sometimes persisted after it left the battlefield. Fixed(?). 
  • AI could play LEOPOLD for free. Fixed. 
  • Loading time of game improved some more.
Remember to restart Steam if you you are playing right after I post this (It can take Steam some time to send out the update automatically).
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