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Blitz, Buff, Bling & Banter

Hello friends!

Welcome to the best KARDS blog this month, where we continue to kick the ant farm to everyone’s enjoyment (no actual ants were harmed in the making of this dev blog). Today I will tell you all about what to expect in our next big update, slated for tomorrow. We have a slew of changes to existing cards and 10 new cards, 7 of them spoiled here.

On balance edits to existing cards, we have a few more buff card edits, a couple more removal edits and a pretty significant edits for medium and heavy tanks. Starting with the buff cards, here is what is happening:

This is a pure balance nerf. We made the cost 0 anticipating the conditional boost would be too hard to consistently pull off. This has proven not to be the case and it is common to get +2+2 or better out of this card, which is problematic. So the cost is now 1.


The real reason for this change is For the Emperor, as reducing operation cost to 0 was extremely powerful in air decks, especially with blitz air units. Changing Blitzkrieg at the same time was then done to continue harmonizing with For the Emperor. It should matter much less, as units with operation cost higher than 1 are rarely used in Blitzkrieg decks. The more perceptive of you may notice that For the Emperor now has a different picture as well, because reasons.

Next, more removal nerf:

As has been stated numerous times, we’re actively trying to push aggressive weenie decks to become bigger part of the metagame. The main culprits in keeping those lovely weenies down are area-of-effect (aoe) damage orders. So we’re reducing the effectiveness of some of these cards, starting with Naval Operation.

Monty is another casualty of the aoe damage nerf, but most of you will probably agree that Monty just did too much for just 1 kredit. We didn’t want to raise the cost, so nerfing the effect was the logical step. It’s not like Monty is used in every single British deck made, ever /sarcasm

Same as with For the King recently, now that we have a better picture of the complete base set and the expected metagame, we felt it necessary to slightly improve Burning Sky. This is of course a very situational card, but with 4 damage it will slightly more often be a good call to include it when air decks are dominating the metagame.

Next up, we’re making a pretty significant change for medium and heavy tanks. Basically, we’re adjusting the operation cost of most of them to 2 (some of them already were at 2, but many were at 1). Operation cost is one of the more unique features of Kards and is intended to create interesting strategic dilemmas on when to operate and when to deploy. We felt this strategic choice was not felt strongly enough and decided to act. Air units had a similar treatment some time ago with good results, we’re hoping for the same here. Another reason for this change is that with the current operation cost setup infantry has a hard time finding a good home. Now there is greater contrast between the unit types and clearer what infantry brings to the table - they are very cost efficient to deploy and operate, but slow.

There are a total of 12 tanks across all nations that are affected, in all cases operation cost is rising from 1 to 2. These are:

  • M4A3R3 ZIPPO
  • T-34-1942
  • T-34-85
  • A34 COMET
  • KV-1 1939

Almost all medium and heavy tanks now have operation cost of 2 or more. There are some exceptions though, like some tank destroyers and the Iosef Stalin II tank. Note that the T-34s created by Siberian Transfer and 6th Airborne Guards will have increased operation cost now.

We’re making a functional edit to one card:

In most cases the card will function the same, apart from you now playing it at the end rather than the start. We do realize that some ‘infinite’ loops are now no longer possible. The intention with this change was not to kill that (it was a rather inconsistent combo, which we are fine with), but mainly to align the effect better with other similar cards (like Industrial Might) so the UI changes we’ve made and are in the pipeline down the road will support these kinds of effects better (more on that in a future blog).

Finally, there is a host of other balance tweaks we are making:

Stat wise the Takasagi Regiment is very strong, plus it has strong, relevant abilities. So we’re adjusting it slightly to bring it down into the realms of mortals. Plus this brings it in range of The Hammer, and The Hammer is never too strong *winkwink*

Mito Regiment suffered from the same god complexes as Takasagi in terms of stats and abilities, so a tweak is in order.

2nd Motor Rifles however suffered a bit of existential crisis. Here was the premier guard unit of the Soviets consistently overshadowed by other units. Thematically, we wanted to give the sense of a mobile defender, but Ambush didn’t really convey this strongly enough. These changes should spell it out a bit stronger and allows the unit to kill most blitz units in the game it damages.

We wanted to give the US a little bit of HQ boost beyond We Can Do It! (it is a very secondary effect for them still) and sprucing up a very under-utilized order of theirs seemed like a very clever thing to do. So we did it!

When we introduced this unit not that long ago we feared it would too easily spin out of control, so we were super conservative with its stats. Too conservative it turns out. The only thing to fear is fear itself. And F6F Hellcat.

This is an old elite that hasn’t aged all that well. A little bit of lipstick can go a long way (I’m told), we’ll see how far in the case of 1st Airlanding.

This resistance has been more underwhelming than unexpected, so we’re making it into a bit more relevant answer. Retreat is also a concept many newer players have a hard time understanding, so we want to reduce the use of it a bit. Note that this now triggers not just when the frontline is being captured, but on any move to the frontline.

Here is another underwhelming countermeasure that has been missing in action so far. Let’s see if that changes now.

That’s it for changes to card, let’s move onto the new cards. As stated above, 10 new cards are coming, 7 of them will be shown here. Keep your eyes peeled on other Discord threads for the other three cards.

This is the British variant in the 0/4 infantry cycle, which we already have the Japanese version of. It fits perfectly into the orders matter theme of Britain. The effect is continuous while the 85 Pioneer Company stays in play, it is not just a comes-into-play one time effect. Of course, if the unit dies, the cost of orders in hand rises again.


This unit was spoiled some time ago. The Panzer III-E can fit into many different German decks - it goes nicely with blitz strategies, it has a built-in combined arms effect for those kind of decks and of course is a nice addition to pure tank decks with Fast Heinz.

The 35th Rifle Regiment is another take on the own-unit-dying and cost-reduction themes of the Soviets. This alongside cheap units and cards like Ural Factories or Deadly Duty can lead to very explosive starts.

The US are getting their own ways of defending themselves (the recent 8th Cavalry Regiment is another example) and the F4F Wildcat can be extremely effective at keeping the enemy at bay. This little champ can very well contest the Hurricane as the best standard rarity 3-cost fighter so be sure to have plenty of ways to deal with it in your deck, or your offense can quickly grind to halt.

This is the first standard rarity US bomber, making it easier to get critical mass in bomber-matters decks, especially for newer players. The deployment effect is so-so, but strengthens the anti-operation cost theme of the US.

This effect has been in the card file for Japan for a long time, but is only now seeing the light of day. Of all the new cards shown here, these two cards are probably the two likeliest candidates to see a whole new types of decks emerge. These new air units alongside cards like Tora! Tora! Tora! or Winter Warfare can quickly make a mince-meat out of the enemy forces and makes killing these units on sight a high priority before things get out of hand. They are also a reason for pushing the cost of Naval Operation to 3.

That’s it for now. Keep your eyes peeled for the patch tomorrow and for the other three new cards coming. See you all on the frontline!

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