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Shop & Equipment

Hello again!

We are back with another dev blog, because we promised one on the shop and props (equipment) before the closed Beta starts, and as today is the big day, there is not time to waste. So let’s get to it!

The shop window has been completely re-done from the Alpha, where the only option available was to purchase a single pack for 10 gold. Now the shop supports purchases for real money, so there are many more options now, plus a much nicer look.

The first thing you’ll see when you open up the shop is this:

Here you can see the two categories of items you can acquire in the shop - card packs and equipment. Card packs are the same as before, a pack of 5 cards from the Base Set, with at least one limited rarity card or better guaranteed. A single pack can still be bought for 10 gold, then money can be spent for larger quantity of packs. Purchases go through the Steam purchase system, so you can use funds in your Steam wallet to buy items in the shop.

Take note of the Welcome Offer, this is a one time only offer of much better value than the normal pack offers. One time only means the offer is available until it is bought, whether this happens on day 1 or 100. After it is bought it disappears forever.

The other tab in the shop is Equipment. Here is what it looks like at first visit:

In the Equipment category you will find various vanity items. Vanity items are items that allow you to customize your aesthetics, they do not affect the actual gameplay at all.

The current options for Equipment are the national equipment sets. Each set contains a special prop, card back and emote for that nation.

We covered equipping emotes in the last dev blog. Note that each national emote belongs to one of the 8 emote groups, so you choose to use it in that group. For example, the British emote, Jolly good, belongs to the Good group.

Card backs are equipped in the deck builder, you can use a national card back when creating a deck with that nation as the main nation.

The equipment props are visible in the match area, yours is in the lower left area, the one used by the opponent is in the upper right corner. Here you can see how it looks like in a match:

Everyone start with a default equipment - a Luger P08. Once you have acquired more you can choose which one to use in the Customization tab of the Profile window (see last dev blog). This is how it looks like:

You select the nation at the top of the customization tab, same as for emotes, then you can select which equipment to use, if you have more than one available. Here for example we have selected the Sten gun for Britain.

Here are a couple of more examples of the special card backs and equipment you can get:

That’s it for the shop and equipment, you will be able to peruse them for yourself in a short while.

A couple of other things before signing off. First, the gold economy in the game is a bit different from Alpha and more in line with what you are familiar with in other games such as Hearthstone. In the Alpha, we intentionally over-compensated players in gold rewards to speed up the collection building for more meaningful metagame analysis. That is no longer the case, so the emphasis now is on rewards through daily missions and achievements, so players don’t feel they need to grind endlessly. There are two important changes here:

  • You now receive 1 gold for every third Battle mode match you win. Training and Challenge matches do not provide gold rewards.
  • Daily missions now give a minimum of 5 gold for completing. The ones in Alpha that gave less have a slightly higher count as a result of the increase in gold reward.

Some Achievements are also slightly altered, but their price structure is largely intact.

Secondly, please be aware that the closed Beta does not have all the cards intended for the Base Set. Current count is 271, of the intended 350 or so cards we aim for in the full set. We aim to add more cards in updates in the next few weeks, with the goal being to complete the set before the closed Beta ends. Note that we have disabled the Soviet take control cards (Confusion and Red Banner) for now, as they were causing some bugs. We will enable them again as soon as those bugs have been solved.

That’s it for now, if all goes as planned we will see each other in the game in a few short hours!

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