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Balance tweaks and new cards

Greetings fellow card gamers!

The next update brings several significant changes to cards - a few cards are getting worse, a few better and a few new cards are showing up as well. This dev blog is intended to go over the changes and give you a bit of insight into the reasoning for what we’re doing. Let us know your thoughts in the dev blog discussion thread, we really appreciate all the great feedback you guys give us.

Let’s start with the cards being hit with a nerf. The changes are intended to create a bit healthier metagame.

There are two reasons for this change. First is reduce the power level a little bit, especially in focused burn (Banzai) decks. The second is to reduce the overall level of random effects in the game - they have been steadily increasing for awhile, and we want to start dial them back a little bit in this and future updates.

We feel the deployment effect is not too powerful - sure, it can ensure victory, but this is mostly the case in games you were winning anyway. The main issue is the difficulty in dealing with the unit once it has hit the battlefield. With defense of 4 there are now many more ways to deal with it immediately, such as Blitz tanks like T-34 or Panzer III-J or orders like The Hammer or Tactical Strike. This should result in a bit fairer unit.

The power of this card relies on how consistently you can manipulate the situation to maximize its efficiency. More playing with this card has shown that this manipulation is not that hard, thus we felt necessary to nerf the card a bit. The increased cost makes it less useful to defend against early swarm and makes it harder to play around the random effect with attacks or playing other cards before playing this.

Even though the effect of this unit is quite powerful, it does not warrant such a weak unit. Increasing the defense to 3 gives the unit more staying power to make use of its effect.

The difference between 4 and 5 damage here is quite profound because it means a whole host of widely used tanks now become vulnerable, such as T-34, Panzer III-J, Matilda and Panzer IV F2. The card is still pretty situational and requires the right metagame to be really useful, but we want this to be a bit better silver bullet than previously.

While Critical Hit is not intended to be a premium removal card, it still has room for improvement. We don’t anticipate a huge uptick in its usage, but is now a better candidate in specific subset of decks.

The main power of Scorched Earth is to give high cost decks breathing room against very aggressive decks. The previous version was a bit too weak because it came online too late, but with a cost of 2 is a much more potent threat to stem early rush. It also makes it slightly better in weird sacrificial decks, which are always fun.

The previous version, while thematically nice, lacked a bit of oomph for a special rarity card. The new version is much more potent, balanced a bit by higher cost, but overall the card should be much more powerful now.

These four cards had global effects, which often lead to confusion and frustration for players, especially newer ones. Having it only affect your units makes these cards more powerful, but they should still be fine power level wise.

Before signing off, let’s look at the new cards you will find in the next update. There are 10 cards in total, 2 for each nation. In all cases, we are aiming to reinforce the themes already introduced for the nation, so most of the new cards should have familiar feel to them.

For the British, these new cards emphasize the defensive, control oriented nature of the British, with more HQ boost and countering abilities. Note that the card draw aspect of Ultra is tied to the counter ability, so you only draw a card when it actually triggers.

The Germans are getting an aggressive infantry unit that goes well with the combined arms theme of the Germans. They are also getting a very dangerous, build-around card that reinforces the direct HQ damage aspect of the Germans.

For the Soviets, the infantry they are getting hits on many themes - it is cheap, has Blitz (a sub-theme for Soviet infantry) and spawns another unit when it dies. Siberian Transfer meanwhile has a little different take on the unit destruction theme, coupled with surprise offense power. Note that you rarely want to play this card with only 3 kredits, usually you’ll play it with 4 or 5 kredits, to allow it to attack before it goes away.

For the US, the T19 continues the theme of removing abilities from enemy units, temporarily or permanently. The B-26 on the other hand does introduce a concept we want to push a bit more for the US, that of increasing operation cost on enemy units. This is intended to reflect the economic warfare aspect of the war. Expect more cards in this vein in future updates.

Japan is getting another cheap, aggressive infantry unit (at standard rarity, which they sorely needed). They are then also getting a powerful buff card, with a future turn downside. This touches the risky theme for Japan of early advantage at the cost of late disadvantage. Original name of this card was Tokyo Express, the term used for Japan’s use of fast navy vessels (mainly destroyers) to run night supply missions for their troops in the Guadalcanal theater. This allowed them to maintain stronger presence there for a short while, but the loss of navy vessels in this operation would cost Japan dearly in the later stages of the war, especially in defending the economic supply lines between South-East Asia and Japan from US submarines. We decided not to reference this operation directly in the name of the card in case we want to use it later in a Campaign setting. This is why most of the order cards in the game have pretty generic names.

That’s it for now, we aim to push the next patch out tomorrow and are looking forward to see how you put the new cards to use. There are several more card changes in the pipelines, as well as many more new cards, so stay tuned for future updates.

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