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Stealing units & the Great Purge

Hello folks, Tealkeli here with more news from the trenches.

We are battling our ways towards the closed Beta, trying to wrap up the key features and changes required for this important release. To that end, I want to discuss a couple of recent changes, one that you have already in your hands, another that is still behind closed doors.

In our last update we introduced a couple of cards that allow you to temporarily take control of enemy units. Here are the two cards in question:

The fact that there are only two of these cards and their high rarity is no coincidence. While these kind of “treachery” effects are an important element in any card game, it is not something we want to flaunt too heavily. It is a minor, supportive theme for very specific decks, not something we foresee, or want, to become a mainstay strategy all over.

So I wanted to give you a bit more information regarding the rules of taking control of units as there are a few tricky rules to be aware of that are not really explained in the game (currently).

  • Stealing a unit in the enemy support line brings it to your support line.
  • Stealing a unit in the frontline keeps it in the frontline IF it is the only unit there. Otherwise it will go to your support line.
  • You cannot steal a unit that will go to your support line if your support line is full.
  • Stolen units can move or attack (or both if tank). But note that if you steal an infantry unit that goes to your support line, while you control the frontline, you will not be able to attack with this unit (as you can only move it to the frontline). The exception here is of course Panzergrenadier.
  • At the end of turn, the unit returns to the same front it was stolen from, if it can. So if it was stolen from the frontline, it will return there, unless you have (another) unit now in the frontline, in which case it goes to the support line. If the enemy support line is full, then the unit is retreated to owner’s hand instead. The unit always goes to the rightmost position.

Ok, that should cover everything of note for the take control cards. Let’s jump to the next topic. One of our great concerns with Kards is making sure there is no needless complexity in it - our aim is to make the game as simple as possible while still retaining full flavor and strategic depth. We’ve had our eyes for some time on some of the minor unit types, most notably Anti-Tank,  Anti-Air and Tank Destroyers. All have special rules that new players can have a hard time grasping and even veteran players often forget about. So we’ve decided to take action here.

First, Anti-Air will remain as is, no changes will happen here for now at least.

For the other two types, we are removing them. The units there, 7 Tank Destroyers and 4 Anti-Tank, are not being removed however.

The Tank Destroyers will become normal tanks. So there are no “armor” units anymore, only tanks, all cards referencing armor units now reference tanks instead.

Some of the old Tank Destroyers keep their current designs, notably:

The remaining three get a wording referencing their old Tank Destroyer ability:


Note that the Hellcat now gets Blitz instead of Smokescreen, giving it a slight boost.

The Anti-Tank units are being changed into Artillery. We didn’t want to create any new specific rules here to complicate things, so the four Anti-Tank units see a bit more drastic changes:

These changes for the Tank Destroyer and Anti-Tank cards are coming in the very near future, so please try them out and let us know what you think.


That’s it for now, we still have exciting things to discuss like improved matchmaking, store changes and a rank/ladder system. So stay tuned for more dev blogs in the near future!

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