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Deck Customization

There are several ways you can customize your board presence in KARDS:

  • Card backs
  • Board items
  • Emotes
  • Battlefield HQs

Each of these can alter your experience and gives you a chance to show your own unique style on the game board.


How to customize your board

To customize items on your board, start by clicking the “Cards” button on the game’s main screen to bring up the Deck interface.



Select a deck you would like to customize and click the “Customize” button on the right-hand panel.



Navigate between the four tabs to change each of the available elements.



Note that some changes apply only to the selected deck, but other customization changes may apply to all decks of that nation. That is, card backs and battlefields apply only to the deck you have selected, while board items and emotes will apply to all decks of that nation.


How to get more customization items

Customization items can be acquired in different ways:

  • Earned through national progression
  • Purchased through the in-game shop
  • Claimed or earned through limited-time events

The selection of cosmetic items in the shop rotates regularly, so check back frequently to see if your favorites are available.

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