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Game Modes

There are several game modes available in KARDS. The game modes currently available in KARDS are:

  • Battle
  • Classic
  • Draft
  • Training
  • Campaigns
  • Skirmish
  • Battle Code
  • Friend Challenge

Each game mode offers different gameplay possibilities depending on players’ preferences.



The Battle game mode provides PvP battles against other players. Select your deck and press the “Play” button to head into the matchmaking queue, where an opponent will be found.


Use the toggle above the “Play” button to select whether you would like to play a “Ranked” or “Casual” game.



Ranked games will allow you to earn ranks in the current competitive season. Each season lasts from the first day and throughout the last day of a month. Hitting the Play button will match you against other players of similar abilities. Winning against other players grants you stars which helps move you to a new rank, while losing can result in losing stars. Through ranked play, you can earn rewards at the end of a season, including a ranked card back, card packs, and potentially a random gold card of different rarities. Higher ranks earn higher rewards, and if you manage to reach the top 34 players in a season, you will be invited to the elite Officer Club Championship tournament, with a 1500 USD prize pool split amongst the top 4 players and in-game currency for the 5th-8th place.


Casual games allow you to play in a more casual setting against other players. This can be a good environment to test out decks against other players or just have a bit of fun against other KARDS players.



The Classic game mode is only available when you have a deck selected which contains cards in the Reserve pool.


In Classic, face off against other players using any card available in the game, including cards in the Reserve pool.

It is not possible to play ranked games in Classic mode.



The Draft game mode allows players to put together (draft) a deck based on a selection of cards provided.


Start by selecting your main nation and selecting the first cards in a deck based on this. You may be offered one or more cards in each bundle, and will have three different bundles to choose from each time. Each time you are offered three different bundles, you must select one.



After making some selections, you will be asked to select an ally nation. The cards you can choose from after that point will include cards from both your main or ally nations.


Keep a close eye on your deck as it develops. Consider potential synergies between cards you are offered, your Kredit distribution, consider the balance of units, orders and countermeasures in your deck and potential win conditions.


Once your deck has 40 cards (39 cards and 1 HQ) you will be able to march onwards to battle against other draft players.


Each victory provides increased rewards at the end of your draft run, including gold, card packs, and various potential bonus rewards.


You can play a maximum of 7 games in a draft run. If you lose 3 games with the deck, your draft run is over.




The training game mode allows you to play games against various AI opponents. This is a great place to test out and tweak your decks in a closed environment.



The Campaigns menu gives you access to two main sections: Starter Campaigns and Theaters of War.


Starter Campaigns are recommended for new players to the game. Get to grips with KARDS, get a sense of the intricacies of each of the main nations, and earn a full 40-card deck in each of the main nations once you’ve completed each of the starter campaigns.


Theaters of War campaigns are unique, hand-crafted campaigns with several missions in five different scenarios highlighting different campaigns and battles in WW2.

  • Tunisian Campaign: Relive the intense battles of North Africa as you strategize your way through the arid deserts and rugged terrain.
  • El Alamein Campaign: Rewrite history in the pivotal Battle of El Alamein, where every move could change the course of the war.
  • Battle of Moscow Campaign: Take command in the freezing depths of the Eastern Front as you lead your troops through the harsh Russian winter.
  • Fall of the Philippines Campaign: Experience the dramatic showdown in the Pacific Theater, where island-hopping tactics are the key to victory.
  • Guadalcanal Campaign: Engage in fierce naval and land battles in the jungles of Guadalcanal, a pivotal moment in the Pacific War.

Each of the five Theaters of War campaigns can be completed to earn unique Theaters of War card backs, and earn special Theaters of War emotes for completing each campaign with a perfect score. All five campaigns are available for purchase in one bundle for 148 diamonds.



Skirmish is a temporary game mode, generally available every other weekend from 12:00 UTC+0 on Friday and until 18:00 UTC+0 on the following Sunday.


Each Skirmish has its own unique set of rules, providing a completely different gameplay experience. Sometimes a Skirmish will require you to enter with your own deck, which may have specific restrictions, or unique events which affect the game board. Some Skirmishes provide you with a deck at random from a specific selection.


Skirmishes also come with special rewards when a player gets their first win in a Skirmish, which can be a card pack, a medkit, or, occasionally, a full set of a brand new card!


Battle Code and Friend Challenges

Battle codes and friend challenges can be used to face off against other specific players.


To use a battle code, navigate to the Battle Code button in the Play menu, select your deck, and enter any string of at least 4 numbers and/or letters into the field above the "Play" button on the right-hand side menu. This will mean that you will be matched against anyone else using the same code. Give the code to your friend, or friend group. The battle code is frequently used in tournament settings as this does not require you to add your opponent to your friend list.



Friend challenges exist only between players who have added each other to their friend list. Select your friend menu in the top bar and press the “+” button to add a new friend. Enter the player name and tag of your friend to add them to your friend list (e.g. Player#1234).





Once your friend has accepted your request, you’ll be able to challenge them to a battle directly from your friend list.

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