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Wildcards and Creating Cards

Wildcards are cards which can be used to create cards you do not yet own. Wildcards can come in different rarities and are sometimes nation-specific, allowing you to create a number of different cards. 

Gaining Wildcards

Wildcards can be acquired in a number of different ways, such as:

  • Rewards for gaining new levels in the national progression system
  • Rewards from opening the weekly crate
  • Opening Officer card packs

You can see an overview of your wildcards in the top bar, by hovering over or tapping the “Wildcard” icon.



Creating Cards

Wildcards can be used to create cards you do not yet own. Note that you will need to use a wildcard of corresponding rarity to create the card in question. Nation-specific wildcards can only be used to create cards of that rarity and nation.


To create a card using your wildcards, navigate to your card collection. To get there, start by clicking or tapping the “Cards” button on the main screen of the game.



Once you're in the Cards menu, click the “Collection” button in the top bar.



Find the card that you want to create.


To find a card you don’t yet own any copies of, make sure to click the “Show Unowned” button on the top bar.



Use the search box to type in the name of any specific card you may be looking for.



If you’re not sure which card you’d like to craft, you can use the filters on the right hand side of the Collection screen to narrow down your search and see the possibilities.



You can also complete a set of a card you already own some of - for example, if you own two copies of a Standard card, you can use Standard wildcards to create the remaining copies and use four copies of the card simultaneously in one deck.


Once you’ve found the card you wish to create, right-click it to bring up further details about it. Click the “Create” button below the card to create one copy of the card with a wildcard of corresponding rarity. Your wildcard will be used to create your desired card, which you can now add to your decks at will.


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