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Weekly Crate

The crate is a container of rewards you can open every week in KARDS, containing various game resources.


The crate comes in five tiers, each granting bigger and more lucrative rewards. Progress to higher crate tiers by playing the game over the course of the week leading up to the opening of your crate.

Gaining higher crate tiers

Progress to higher crate tiers by doing any of the following:

  • Gain a national level.
  • Open card packs.
  • Gain surplus cards (duplicates).
  • Recycle cards that you own that are in the Reserve pool.

Any of these provide different amounts of progress towards your next crate tier.


How to open your crate

Your crate is available for opening every week on Wednesday at 10:00 UTC+0. Your crate will be available to claim after this time.


Once a new week starts, your progress will start to count towards next week’s crate - so if you wait a day or two to claim your crate, your progress will not be lost. Make sure not to wait too long though, as if you don’t claim the previous crate when the new week ends, then the worse of the two crates is discarded to make room for a new crate. Make sure to log in every week and claim your crate to maximize your rewards!


Access your crate on the front page of the game. Once a crate is available for claiming, simply clicking the crate icon will automatically open your crate.



Crate tiers and rewards

There are five tiers of the crate: base, standard, limited, special, and elite. Each level provides bigger and more lucrative rewards for the dedicated players that manage to reach them.

  • Base crate (tier 1): 1 standard wildcard and 30 gold
  • Standard crate (tier 2): 2 standard wildcards, 2 random standard gold cards, and 80 gold
  • Limited crate (tier 3): 1 limited wildcard, 2 standard wildcards, 2 random limited gold cards, and 150 gold
  • Special crate (tier 4): 1 special wildcard, 1 limited wildcard, 1 random special gold card, 2 random limited gold cards, and 250 gold
  • Elite crate (tier 5): 1 elite wildcard, 1 special wildcard, 1 limited wildcard, 2 random special gold cards, and 350 gold



An active Battle Pass will also boost any crates opened during the Battle Pass period up by one tier, unless the crate is already at the maximum tier.

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