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Unit ability: Intel

When an Intel card is played an X number of cards in the enemy hand are revealed.

How it works

When you play a card with Intel, the corresponding amount of cards in the enemy’s hand are revealed to you. For example, if you play a card with Intel 1, you will be able to see 1 card in the enemy’s hand.


Hover over or tap the “eye” icon underneath the enemy’s hand in order to see revealed cards.



Any further cards you play with Intel will add to the total amount of cards you can see revealed in the enemy’s hand. 


The card(s) revealed in the enemy’s hand are selected at random. A card stops being revealed once it is played. Any card retreated from the board back to hand acts as a revealed card.


The same applies if the enemy plays Intel cards - they will be able to see the corresponding number of cards revealed in your hand. 


How to identify Intel units

A card with Intel will have the bold Intel keyword printed on it below the card image. 



Intel comes in varying sizes, either 1, 2, or 3, representing the number of cards revealed in the enemy’s hand when the card is played.


The story behind Intel

Intel has a long military history and has played a key role in many historical conflicts. The Intel ability in KARDS reflects its real world counterpart, allowing a player to plan around the resources and possibilities available to their opponent.

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