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Deployment effects not working

In some circumstances, deployment effects may not trigger, and this may be within game rules and as per intended game mechanics. Most notably, the bomber PETLYAKOV Pe-2FT and the countermeasures EVASIVE ACTION and CLOSE CALL can affect deployment effects.



The PETLYAKOV Pe-2FT’s special effect is that, while this unit is on the board, deployment effects do not trigger. 


If a PETLYAKOV Pe-2FT is on the battlefield, then no deployment effects will trigger - neither yours, nor the opponent’s. If your deployment effects didn’t trigger, then review the battlefield to see if there’s a PETLYAKOV on the board.



EVASIVE ACTION is a British countermeasure that costs 0 kredits to play. When activated, this card triggers when the enemy deploys a unit with a deployment effect, and cancels the effect.




CLOSE CALL is a British countermeasure that costs 2 kredits to play. When activated, this card counters an order or deployment effect that targets a friendly unit.


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