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Game crash on visual effects animations after the latest update

Error diagnosis

What is the error? The PC game client crashes when certain effect animations start to play or on certain turns.
Is there an error message?

No, the client just crashes.

When does the error occur? When certain visual effects start to play. For example, but not limited to effects from Bloody Sickle, Burning Sky or when a certain turn has been reached (e.g. turn 3).

Error reason

This error is caused by a combination of issues with the installed DX11 drivers and the GPU. 

How to fix this error

A temporary workaround exists that can work in most cases. In some rare cases, this workaround might not achieve the desired result.

  1. On Steam
    1. Right-click KARDS in Library
    2. Go to Properties -> General -> Launch Options
    3. Enter: -noautodetect
    4. Close and restart KARDS
  2. On Epic:
    1. Start the Epic Games Launcher
    2. Click on Library, find KARDS
    3. Click the ... on the right side of the KARDS game information bar
    4. Click Manage, toggle Launch Options to on and enter -noautodetect
    5. Click the X in the upper right of that window and restart KARDS
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  • Avatar

    Fix didn't work for me.

    Anyone elsr stillhaving this problem?